Beautiful Birch

We’re seeing tons of nouveau-rustic furniture in trendy catalogs and shops right now. It’s one of the hottest looks on the furniture runway. Hello, sticker-shock. We knew there had to be a cheaper way to score this designer style. Turns out, a few basic tools, materials, and a weekend are all you need to get the look for way less than designer price tags. We’ll show you how.

101308028.jpg.rendition.largest Beautiful BirchSurface Matters

We love the look of birch. It’s smooth, light in tone and texture, and easy to handle. For this project, we used 34 birch logs, each about 3-4 inches in diameter. You can use a miter saw to cut birch logs to size, or you can pay a nominal fee at a lumber store to have the logs cut for you.

Here are a few online suppliers of unfinished birch:

The best part about using birch? The trees grow and replenish themselves quickly, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment to make your chic table.

Beautiful Birch1 Beautiful BirchGetting Started

Once you have the wood, you can find the rest of the supplies at your local home center. Lowe’s ( was our one-stop shop for everything we needed to complete the project.

What You’ll Need:

Birch logs cut 18 inches long
4×8-foot sheet birch plywood
Wood glue
Wood screws
4-inch casters
Clear polyurethane

Tools You’ll Need:

Circular saw
Miter saw
Cordless drill
Grout float
Putty knife

Beautiful Birch2 Beautiful BirchSource


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