Happy Easter Guide

What we need:



2 1 Happy Easter Guide

  1. Gift wrap paper with egg shape
  2. Pink paper ( 30*20 cm )
  3. Light yellow paper (15*10 cm )
  4. Light pink ribbon ( 15 cm )
  5. Small yellow rose decoration
  6. Sticky Alphabets
  7. Scissors craft and Scissors
  8. Glue gun
  9. Paper glue


2 2 Happy Easter Guide  Cut out an egg shape from gift wrap paper.


2 3 Happy Easter Guide

2 4 Happy Easter Guide

Fold the pink paper to create a card shape. Glue the egg shape on pink paper on center.


2 5 Happy Easter Guide

2 6 Happy Easter Guide

2 7 Happy Easter Guide

Measure light yellow paper with 1 cm and 1.5 cm then draw lines. Cut paper with scissors craft along lines.


2 9 Happy Easter Guide

2 10 Happy Easter Guide

2 11 Happy Easter Guide

Glue the paper ribbon which u made from light yellow paper. Make small bow and put the small rose behind it and glue them.


2 12 Happy Easter Guide

Attach sticky alphabets on yellow ribbon.

Happy Easter



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