Shiny Heart Guide

A homemade card says more than any store-bought line in a card every could. Show how much you care with our collection of homemade greeting card crafts.

Final Shiny Card

1 16 Shiny Heart Guide

What we need :

1 1 Shiny Heart Guide

  1. Withe paper ( 30*20 cm )
  2. Purple paper ( 15*10 cm )
  3. Any color paper ( 4*4 cm) with heart shape on behinde.
  4. Ribon ( 30 cm ) * 2 ( Purple ans Silver )
  5. Sticki heart ( 1 pice )
  6. Embossing powder ( Pink)
  7. Non-Color Spary
  8. Glue gan
  9. Scissors craft and Scissors


1 2 Shiny Heart Guide

1 3 Shiny Heart Guide

1 11 Shiny Heart Guide

First of all “Shiny Heart”

I took paper #3 and spray non-color spray on it. It is going to be Sticky, after that I spread “embossing powder” on it. Spray on it after minutes will again. The second time spray will fix embossing powder. Let the paper dry.


1 4 Shiny Heart Guide

1 5 Shiny Heart Guide

1 6 Shiny Heart Guide

Let’s go on paper #1

Fold white paper to create a card shape. After measuring top of the paper with 2.5 cm, Glue the silver and purple ribbon along each other.


1 7 Shiny Heart Guide

1 8 Shiny Heart Guide

1 9 Shiny Heart Guide

Measure purple paper with 6 cm and draw a line. Cut paper with scissors craft along a line.


1 10 Shiny Heart Guide

Glue the purple paper on bottom of white paper.


1 12 Shiny Heart Guide

Put the sticky heart shape on the right side of the ribbons.


1 13 Shiny Heart Guide

1 14 Shiny Heart Guide

Cut out heart shape of paper #3 along the line you just draw.


1 15 Shiny Heart Guide

At the end attach shiny heart. Write your personal message inside your card.


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